ZOOMIES, THE: Exist: 12”

Nov 22, 2017

At first I glanced at the cover and thought, “What’s up with this band’s dress code?” They’re trying way too hard to look straight out of the ‘70s. Turns out I was almost right after I read the back cover. From Baton Rouge, this pressing of an early ‘80s cassette and a few studio tracks stars George Zoomer, who sings and plays guitar, keys, and “other.” He’s got a Jonathan Richman level of commitment, but less confused and a slightly tougher voice. Almost every song starts with a typical rock’n’roll lick combined with dissonant chords, and then it sounds like they become disinterested in finishing the track. So they destroy in a frenzy of weird jazz, weed, and too many random instruments at their disposal with only a basic theory on how to play them. Did they listen to this before putting it out? Or was this premeditated rock’n’roll murder, one last middle finger to disco? It’s worth a listen if you like the Fall or want to confuse the hell out of the crowd at your DJ night. So I like it, and will listen to it again if I’ve eaten too many edibles. The artwork sums up the band’s identity. On the cover, a clean, polished photo shoot, then turn it over and they left the studio, hiding in the bathroom and clearly giving no fucks, lost in their own headspaces. –Sal Go (Might Mouse Music / Almost Ready)