ZISK #33 (Summer 2022), $3, 5½” x 11½”, 32 pgs.

Nov 15, 2022

I was stoked to get this zine in the mail ’cause I just started playing on a punk baseball team this summer (shout-out to the Southside Serious Hotties)—now unfortunately past as we enter winter hell—and wrote the last issue of my own zine (the furious beautiful review of books), primarily about my experience playing baseball for the first time since middle school (and my transition). This review, however, is not about me; all of this is just to say I was excited to get this zine. Despite the fact I play, a lot of this went over my head because I don’t know much about the world of “real” baseball, but this was in fact an asset. I have a tendency to dismiss my teammates who are really into one team or another (sorry guys), but reading the essays and stories in Zisk, I learned a lot about the sport I’ve re-grown to love and found myself intrigued for the first time by getting to know the sport in its elevated context (and maybe even learn a few players’ names). There’s even a sweet poem about Glenn Burke, one-half of the first-known high five and who was ostracized from the MLB for being gay. Solid writing throughout, and I wish I could remark more about the content, but consider me intrigued and ready for the next issue. Born-again jocks, rise up! –jimmy cooper (PO Box 469 Patterson, NY 12563 or PO Box 530 Yarmouth Port, MA 02675)

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