ZISK #32, $3, 5½” x 8½”, copied, 46 pgs.

Sep 16, 2021

The latest issue of the zine about baseball for people who hate baseball zines features a plethora of material. Put together by Razorcake’s Mike Faloon and Michael T. Fournier, Zisk includes art, poetry, and personal essays about baseball. Amazingly, as someone who could care less about organized sports, I actually found this fairly interesting. That said, it probably helps that I grew up a big baseball fan and an even bigger baseball card collector. (Let’s hear it for 1987 Topps! The most overproduced season of baseball cards in history!) To this day I’m filled with all kinds of random baseball history knowledge, which only serves me well if I’m on a trivia team and the topic is baseball history. This issue includes stories about people I remember, such as St. Louis pitcher Bob Gibson, the controversial Shoeless Joe Jackson, and the 1988 Pittsburgh Pirates. (“You got to see Barry Bonds; well, a skinny Barry Bonds.”) As someone who enjoys visiting cemeteries, I also appreciated Jay Edwards’ piece about where some of the biggest impact baseball players are buried, although it would’ve been helpful to have his terms defined, as I had no idea what WAR stood for. (Apparently, it’s “Wins Above Replacement,” a player’s total contributions to their team.) I’ve read issues of Zisk with stronger material but this one still stands up fairly well. Any baseball fans—or even marginal ones—would do well to pick up a copy. –Kurt Morris (policymaker.bandcamp.com)

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