ZINE, free, 5½” x 8”, copied, 8 pgs.

Sep 29, 2020

This is dedicated to all the zines I have in a pile that are all named “Zine” or “The Zine.” Thank you for your lack of imagination and for helping me with my kindling. I probably have eight or more of these in my stash, and all of them are trash or mediocre. If you’re not even going to put any effort, why try at all? What was the point, and why are there so many shitty zines like this? There seems to be less effort in these zines than a baby crapping itself. Zines are forms of expression, and you could have expressed anything inside your own heart and soul. It could have been your moment for emotional release, or a way to finally be heard. Instead, you chose to make a zine for absolutely no reason. For that, I hate you. –Iggy Nicklbottum (Some People)