ZEX: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: CS

Enthusiastic pop punk from Ottawa, Ontario. In fact, this is the happiest doomsday prediction I’ve ever heard. A bouncing, peppy, “I see a future in flames, I see devastation, I see world burning.” I love the juxtaposition of jubilant party music with a serious message. I like to tap my toe while asserting, “I have the right to live.” I want to dance along merrily to songs about feeling invisible and ignored. I can see myself joining in on a chorus of “I’ve got nowhere to go” but realizing I was right where I wanted to be… with them in that moment. When shows exist again and/or I’m allowed to travel to Canada, Zex will be at the top of my list. –Lorien Lamarr (Rat Girl, ratgirlrecords.storenvy.com)