ZERODENT: Landscapes of Merriment: LP

Apr 08, 2019

Dunno what it is about Australians. Be it AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Birthday Party, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, The Saints, or whoever else you can think of at the moment, bands from that neck of the woods seem to have an uncanny ability to strip rock’n’roll down to its bare essentials and mine it for all it’s worth. As exemplified here, Perth’s Zerodent is no exception. Distilling all the “genre” crap outta the punk stew, they stomp, slash, brood, and bash with the best of ‘em, keeping things simple and pure with sophistication and smarts that gives them more personality than others plundering the same ingredients might evince. This is definitely gonna get played quite a lot around these parts. –Jimmy Alvarado (Alien Snatch)