ZELLOTS: Self-titled: Flexi

Nov 22, 2017

Supreme Echo does it again. The Victoria BC label has unearthed another vital time capsule from the earliest punk rock era on the West Coast of Canada. Last time was Victoria/Vancouver legends The Dishrags, and this time it is Vancouver’s Zellots. For those not in the know (myself included), Zellots hit the scene in 1978 playing gigs with The K-Tels (later The Young Canadians), The Subhumans, Modernettes, and DOA among others. These three songs were painstakingly restored from various sources and the result is spectacular. I wish there were more tracks out there because this is quality punk rock coming out of an incredibly talented community. The flexi is super thick with slick, chrome embossed printing and die-cut to the shape of a 7”. Bands made up entirely of women weren’t exactly par for the course back then, so it’s sure nice to see Vancouver representing. Get your hands on this! –Ty Stranglehold (Supreme Echo, supremeecho.bandcamp.com)