ZAHN: Adria: LP/CP

Jan 24, 2024

Other than the ability to bang out a few chords, I have no real musical skills, and, as such, have always considered instrumentals to be the harder musical compositions to write. There are no vocals to provide a focus for the listener so the writer must work harder to draw them in. Zahn’s second album does that and it’s probably one of the best instrumental albums I’ve heard in a few years. “Zebra” eases the album into existence before “Zehn” provides a more forceful, punchy seven minutes of aural pleasure. I find myself easily hypnotized by the Krautrock elements and brought back to my senses by the noisier moments. This is seventy-odd minutes of escapism and I love it. –Rich Cocksedge (Crazysane, [email protected],

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