Nov 15, 2022

Listen to that killer guitar tone! It’s a new full album from a Budget Rock artist who has been doing it for the better part of three decades. This record is probably a little too hard rockin’ to qualify as Budget Rock, and that’s just fine by me. The song “Down at Slim’s” drips with that killer Boston sound that we all love by DMZ and Nervous Eaters and is a cool nod to the great “Max’s Kansas City” tune by the even more great Jayne County. I love the production value here that allows things to actually be heard while still being nice and raw. I have often thought of it as “mid-fi” and it’s my favorite vibe for garage and punk music. I saw the title “Booze Can” and wondered if it would be a take on the fantastic Smugglers song of the same name. Sure enough, that’s the case and it even features the mighty Kurt Bloch on guitar, to boot! Now, I just gotta get myself out to the Left Coast and see ’em play, preferably at Slim’s Last Chance Chili Shack and Watering Hole with Pat Todd and the Rankoutsiders and The Fallouts. Hey, an aging rocker can dream, right?! –Mike Frame (Static /