YOUNG ROCHELLES, THE: “Haunted” b/w “Phantom Maggot”: Flexi 7”

Jul 20, 2022

I don’t know that I was really clamoring for the return of the flexi-disc format (I’m still not done being pissed about the return of the cassette format, frankly), but this one is a nice one—kinda thick and tasty—so we’ll let it go for now. “Haunted” sounds a bit like The Lillingtons, with those slightly darker chord progressions and stuff; “Phantom Maggot” sounds more like the Beatnik Termites on the top end, with more of a pounding bottom end than the Termites were ever able to muster. A catchy enough shot of late-’90s style pop punk, should your tastes be running in that direction at the moment. BEST SONG & TITLE: “Phantom Maggot.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: My first flexi-disc was a Monkees flexi, cut off the back of a box of Post Rice Krinkles™ cereal at age four.–Rev. Nørb (Self-released,

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