YOUNG GO HARDS: What Are You, From Here?: CD

Nov 16, 2016

As a huge fan of The Smiths, I can appreciate the hell out of a crooner. There’s something about being able to truly belt out a song at the top of your lungs that makes me endlessly happy. Carrying a note over several measures, albeit somewhat off key for me, is almost like hitting a hard reset in the way I enjoy music. It can feel like a detox or a cleanse—to push the outer limits of your own voice. Jill Morris, who fronts Young Go Hards, does just that. In the vein of Discount, The Lippies, and Tsunami Bomb, the vocal work is incredibly strong. Singers like Morris don’t end up in punk all too often, so this is a refreshing sound, for sure. Musically, they’re similar to the aforementioned bands. The dual guitars have a grit and crunch to them while also holding a bright melody throughout. Drums and bass are snappy and fast. The whole shebang is so dancey. Young Go Hards are a heartfelt inspiration to passionately go all out and to do so with a smile. I love that they have a fresh take on DIY punk music while still pushing the envelope as hard as they go. –Kayla Greet (Self-released)