Aug 02, 2017

Young Conservatives: two words guaranteed to set most punks’ hackles up in anger. This Yorkshire-based hardcore outfit has bottled up a shitload of anger and unleashed it under a moniker which will no doubt catch some people off guard. However, from the opening guitar riff of “Crushed beneath an Iron Fist” it’s apparent that Young Conservatives have nothing in common with the political leanings of a similarly named entity in the U.K. This record is an explosion of bile and rage, commensurate to the hatred and scorn directed towards Prime Minister Theresa May, a hideous human being, most deserved of her role as target. With more in common with the likes of Black Flag and Minor Threat than with any of its contemporaries, Young Conservatives deal in dirty and gritty songs, which ideally would be experienced up close as bodies flail and slam into each other, creating a unifying and positive force. I’m writing this the day before the general election, so ahead of that I’d like to add, FUCK THE TORIES! –Rich Cocksedge (Total Recall, [email protected],