YARD WORK: Earn the Rock: LP

May 23, 2018

So, what happens if you take a handful of aging Austin, Texas garage punk luminaries who spent time in the ‘90s playing in well-regarded bands like The Motards, The Chumps, and Eastside Suicides, putting them in a band together in 2018 that tackles topics more closely reflecting their current lives and interests? The result is Yard Work. They sing songs about, you know, maintaining their yards, misplaced tools, weeds, and kinks in their water hoses, and while the entire premise seems laughable, don’t be mistaken… this isn’t a “joke” record. Musically, it’s a record filled with bass heavy post-punk that has a kind of Protomartyr-ish feel at times, and it’s really good. Recommended. –Mark Twistworthy (Rock Tumbler, rocktumblerrecords.com)