YARD WORK: Earn the Rock: LP

May 23, 2018

As a recent financially-forced big city expat with a house and yard, this record looked like it would help ease the new suburban life meniality. I mean, songs like “Looking for a Wrench,” “In the Weeds,” “Kinks in the Hose” and “Ladder Climber” gave me hope for much-needed, unfortunately relatable, lyrical comic relief, all in a punk record. But this is dad rock. Suburban dad rock. Ham-fisted vocals with a Jim Carroll delivery, minus the poetic meter. The music’s a little more alterna-rock, garage band style, kind of like four suburban dads got together one afternoon when their wives were out of town with the kids, got buzzed on Bud Light Lime, and made a record. –Chad Williams (Rock Tumbler, rocktumblerrecords.com)