XETAS: The Cypher: LP

Mar 25, 2020

Add mine to the chorus of voices hyping Xetas and this fantastic new record. We RZC bozos, as you might’ve noticed, have wildly varying tastes even though we’re all under the same punk umbrella. For me, this one works so well because of the driving back end, which pounds out syncopation, like in “The Hierophant”; the restraint shown in the well-arranged dropouts that act as a bridge followed by the spindly abandon of subsequent guitar lines in “The Martyr”; the way the hoarse dude vox sometimes sound like any number of Gainesville bands, while the dual vocals remind me of White Murder at their best. The reason they’re so beloved is that they vary their attack from song to song—almost verse to verse—without yielding a bit of intensity. So rad! –Michael T. Fournier (12XU)