WYLDLIFE: Year of the Snake: LP

Sep 29, 2020

I bought a new vehicle last year. The new scam these days is that when you buy a new car, they give you three free months of satellite radio, then you get used to the satellite radio, then you wind up signing up and paying for the satellite radio, as they always knew you would. Sucker! The station I find myself listening to the most often is Little Steven’s Underground Garage. It’s not anything earth-shattering, but it generally provides me with acceptable driving music and helps me keep my car clean. Probably the biggest beef I have with LSUG is that there are these bands which I have like zero interest in that get played on there ALL. THE. FRICKING. TIME. And, like any sane human, one initially thinks why the fuck do they keep playing THIS band??? Eventually one finds out that these bands are getting overplayed to such a ludicrous degree because they’re on Little Steven’s record label, which sounds like something you’d figure wouldn’t even be legal, but whatever. Wyldlife are one of those bands (with the Dollyrots being the most heinous of the lot). They’re sort of a commercial rock/rock’n’roll/punk/power pop hybrid (which is fine). They play well, and are produced well; their punches simply don’t tend to connect with me. They seem like decent sorts. I do not hate them, but I have no real desire to listen to them some more, either. I will buy the singer a beer if I ever meet him. I will give you this record if I ever meet you. There. Everybody’s happy! BEST SONG: “Crime of the Scene.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Sacré Bleu.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I was actually born in the year of the Snake. –Rev. Nørb (Wicked Cool, wickedcoolrecords.com)