WYLDLIFE: Year of the Snake: LP

Sep 29, 2020

Honestly, there’s so much to be said about this band that it’s tough to begin without doing them complete justice. Year of the Snake is the latest offering from NYC’s not-so-best kept secret, and man is it a monster. For those unfamiliar, this band is equal parts Dolls, Cheap Trick, Hellacopters, and Dead Boys, and while those comparisons fall into the same category for some, the nuances in between them are crucial. Ultimately, this band stands out where so many fall flat, which sets them far above many of their contemporaries. It’s a fine line to walk this subgenre without ending up reeking of trying to be Guns N’ Roses (for better or worse), or with a general air of inauthenticity. Neither of these things are an issue for Wyldlife. Without sounding like a cliché, they’re real to the core and it shows. The tunes are flawless, the musicianship and production shine, and Dave Feldman may have one of the best rock’n’roll voices of the modern age. This latest offering is no exception to the rule. “Neon Nightmare” may have been my top tune of the previous year and a track that Hanoi Rocks could have written thirty years ago. If you don’t already know, get on it. –Steve Adamyk (Wicked Cool, wickedcool.bandcamp.com)