WYLDLIFE: Year of the Snake: CD

Apparently, these guys have been around since 2011 and I seem to have been under a rock. New York City’s Wyldlife definitely wear their influences on their sleeve. I can hear that distinct combination of ’70s punk rock’n’roll and power pop but for me it is coming one hundred percent through a Riverboat Gamblers filter. Seriously, when the first song started, I had to scramble to check the band personnel to see if any Gamblers were involved. On some songs is it simply uncanny how much they sound like the Gamblers at their slickest, most rock’n’roll. That said, while I like it, I just keep thinking that I need to throw some Gamblers on the stereo. It is well played and recorded though. Remember live shows? I wonder if they were good at them. –Ty Stranglehold (Wicked Cool, wickedcoolrecords.bandcamp.com)