WYLDLIFE: The Time Has Come to Rock & Roll: 12”

Sep 20, 2017

Any glam punk-influenced power pop gets an instant eye roll when “Rock & Roll” is anywhere on the cover or mentioned enough in the lyrics to create some kind of drinking game involving cheap beer and key bumps. But that’s what they’re going for. There are nice moments when they roll into the tougher punk rock, screaming end of the spectrum. But as soon as the Cheap Trick dual leads kick in with the 4/4 drum beats and predictable rhymes about jerking off, I get depressed and want to get as wasted as the potential in their obvious musical ability. The derogatory song title, “Cowboys and Slutz,” raises my eyebrow, and even with promising aggressive hooks, the lyrical content is little more than a rip-off of Social Distortion’s Mommy’s Little Monster without the low bar of nuance in Mike Ness’ lyrics. I appreciate the pretty green vinyl. –Sal Go (radi.al / WyldlifeONYB)