WÜRM: Exhumed: 2 x LP

Jan 30, 2019

I had a great time listening to the You Don’t Know Mojack podcast, wherein Ryan and Brant chronologically discuss SST Records’ entire catalogue each week. It’s an ambitious project—especially when considering the sprawling swath of releases the label geysered after Black Flag broke up. The early stuff, that said, has been fascinating to learn about. Recent installments have featured Wurm, Chuck Dukowski’s pre-Flag outfit. I’d never spent any time with them prior to this deluxe reissue arriving at my door. Exhumed compiles the Feast LP, the I’m Dead EP, and early demos. It’s fascinating listening, especially when considering how metal it all sounds: the riffs hear are heavy and thudding, but the vocals ululate with the theatricality that became codified into signifier. Another Record Store Day reissue, this one limited to 1,100 copies, so, as Fugazi says, keep your eyes open. –Michael T. Fournier (Org., orgmusic.com)

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