WRONG WAR: Once Upon a Weapon: Digital

Mar 15, 2022

Wrong War’s first album, 2020’s Fixed against Forever, contained nine tracks of pissed-off, angry hardcore with a touch of melody raising its head now and again. Once Upon a Weapon is the follow up, and in almost all respects it’s the same deal. The one element in which it differs is that for now it’s digital only, with a vinyl version due out later this year. I’ll be definitely buying a copy when it’s out. The band writes some great songs, letting that anger explode via the lyrics and the aggressiveness of the music with a Rites Of Spring feel. The opener “Human Resources” is a short, sharp blast with Wrong War railing out against corporations and their fake concern over employees’ welfare, specifically surrounding the last two years. There is no let up across the release, which is top notch from beginning to end, all topped off with “cover” art provided by Stealworks’ John Yates. –Rich Cocksedge (Council, councilrecords.com)

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