WRETCHED OF THE EARTH: Collapse\\Rebirth: LP

Mar 17, 2021

When doing a search of Wretched Of The Earth, not much on this band comes up, but it seems they took their name from a text of anti-colonial theory by Franz Fanon. Wretched Of The Earth, the band, are striving for the same things. Dual vocalists go back and forth shredding vocal cords in three different languages— Arabic, Hawaiian, and Spanish—raging against racist and class oppression, globalism, and fucked up capitalist bullshit. The guitars riff out a heavy, dark, crust building its way from slow to fast and back again, bordering on an epic sound, but remaining firmly (perhaps, too firmly—my only critique) rooted in the d-beat hardcore sound. It’s a passionate, angry release by voices that need to be heard. –Craven Rock (Shove, [email protected])