WRESTLING AND MANIA, PART ONE, $5, 5½” x 5½”, black and white print w/glossy color cover, 34 pgs.

Sep 22, 2022

Do you ever jump into the midst of a comic or zine series and have no idea what’s going on? That’s how I felt with Wrestling and Mania. This is the twenty-fourth issue of Meeting Comics and the characters in this series have evidently been around for a while. And although I appreciate artist Andrew Neal giving some background on them on the first page, I often found myself confused. It’s primarily because the characters are coupled up but some of them were previously dating and I couldn’t keep track of everyone. The storyline in this issue is that the myriad characters—who all work for a porn company—created a wrestling league. Why did this happen? I have no idea. Will there be nudity in this wrestling league or is it just like any other wrestling league? Once again, I’m clueless. I did enjoy the actual drawing (although I was confused why Kevin’s character looks nothing like the others) and appreciated Neal shining a light on mental health. I’m sure if you’ve been following along with these comics you’ll enjoy this, but it looks like I need to dig into some back issues for a better understanding. –Kurt Morris (Andrew Neal, PO Box 436, Hillsborough, NC 27278)