WORRIERS: You or Someone You Know: LP

May 27, 2020

Worriers records always gut me. But it takes a while, because there are so many layers. Each of their albums has been a little different sonically, so that’s the first thing: here, the production is yoooge, kid. These songs sound good in big, packed rooms. Then there’s the tone. Lauren Denitzio’s voice is utterly unique. Their phrasing packs so much emotional punch that it’s easy to get mad feels just from her inflection. Then the lyrics come, first in hooky fragments, then phrases, and finally complete sentences. Like Jawbreaker or the Buzzcocks, Lauren’s lyrics gesture towards specifics but leave enough space for the audience to fill in the gaps with their own experiences. As great as the band sounds, this connectivity to the listener—to the individual—sets them apart. Heart-rending in the best possible way. –Michael T. Fournier (6131)