WORRIERS: You or Someone You Know: LP

My very first review for this here magazine was Worriers’ Sinead O’Connor Rebellion single back in ye olde 2013. What a ways they have come. This record is the story of coming back from heartbreak. I hesitate to call it a break up record—though many of the tracks are quite good for that scenario. It’s more of a rebuilding. Dusting yourself off from the fall you were certain would kill you. There’s “PWR CPLE” which I put on repeat for about an hour daily when it was released. It’s a song about getting the fuck away from someone who for so long was a solid partner, but now is tearing you apart. Every time I belted those words out with Lauren I felt a tiny bit better about my own pain. Okay, there’s also “Big Feelings,” and “Terrible Boyfriend” that definitely fit in the break-up category, but think also about the catharsis in getting that shit out of your system. This is a warriors record. There are hints of Menzingers and John K. Samson leaking through the songwriting influence, in the many parts where human experience becomes poetry becomes music. It’s slicker than their previous releases and that’s a-okay with me. When songs are this beautiful and harrowing, I’d like to hear them, scars and all. YOSYK takes some big swings in new directions and shows some exceptional growth both musically and emotionally. The songs are mellow, yet strong. There’s exceptional drumming from Mikey Erg, solid rock leads from Frank Piegaro, deep bass lines from Nick Psillas, and all the heartbreaking melodies from Lauren Denitzio’s voice and guitar. Yes there’s a song about the end of the world, but the Worriers’ current message is “Have fun, don’t die.” I for one could be better at living fully, especially right now. –Kayla Greet (6131)