WORRIERS: You or Someone You Know: CD/LP

Mar 25, 2020

Full disclosure: Lauren Denitzo, the vocalist/guitarist for Worriers, volunteers with Razorcake. That said, the ten songs on You or Someone You Know are big. Big with sound, and production, and intent. I hear the makings of an ambitious rock and roll album, with indie rock influence and a foundation set securely in punk rock. ­The sound and production are superb, which shouldn’t be surprising given that the band recorded with John Agnello, the legendary producer who has worked with Turbonegro, Sonic Youth, and Dinosaur Jr. Denitzo’s vocals are full and strong, reminiscent of a cross between Caithlin De Marrais from Rainer Maria and the late Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries. The thing that resonated most with me, though, are the lyrics. You or Someone You Know is a break-up album in many ways, but it’s also a look at relationships in general: how are they defined and why. The thirty-five minutes of music question relationship norms, which is something I’ve been doing the past year, too. In the end, the album is a good mix of poppy and heartfelt, ending with an epic, slow-dance (appropriately titled “Grand Closing”). I’ve sometimes wondered why Worriers aren’t more well-known in the independent music scene. Listening to You or Someone You Know causes me to think this might be the album that gets them the notoriety they deserve. –Kurt Morris (6131)