WORRIERS: Curious Demo: Flexi 7” and zine

Jan 26, 2021

I unabashedly love all of Worriers’ output as well as any band or song that Lauren Denitzio lends their voice to. There’s just so much truth, venerability, and authenticity to their vocals. And then you add on the strength of their lyrics and it’s a home-fucking-run. Denitzio has once again incorporated music and zines, though this time with a flexi disc. The flexi is a full band demo of the song “Curious” of the most recent Worriers LP, You Or Someone You Know, and it’s partnered up with a zine about cults and Scientology. There’s even a list of signs you might be in a cult (call your dad if you are) that was taken from a book by a guy with a PhD. The rest of the zine is full of beautiful collages, illustrations, and personal stories by Denitzio. It’s a limited run of a hundred available from their newsletter, Get It Together, which is well worth a subscription to. At this point, they might be sold out, but they have three more planned for the coming year and I highly recommend getting on that. I’d probably join a Worriers cult. Who knows, I might already be in one? Just don’t drink the Flavoraid. –Kayla Greet (6131)