WORLD TENSION: Self-titled: CS

May 20, 2019

World Tension play a perfect blend of hardcore and metal that screams of the ’90s so loud you’ll think it’s 1999 and not 2019. Occasionally, there’s a release that comes around that you’re hooked on from the first riff. This is one of those releases. From Las Vegas, World Tension’s cassette follows up a three-song promo tape released in early 2018. Two songs from that release, “The Brightest Spark,” and “Hate Thy Neighbor,” appear here in newly recorded versions. The tracks “The Brightest Spark,” and “Constant Madness,” were my favorite for their riffs, particularly the guitar leads at the end of “Constant Madness.” World Tension delivers everything that made ’90s hardcore great, for a new generation to appreciate. –Paul J. Comeau (Running In Place, [email protected])