WORLD IS A VAMPIRE, THE: Trenchsewer b/w Heartshorn: LP

May 20, 2019

Intriguing mix of goth, sludge, hardcore, and black metal from this New Orleans band that features members of Thou. Side A reminds me of late ’90s Canadian bands like Union Of Uranus and One Eyed God Prophecy, who mixed DIY hardcore and black metal to create this entire tornado of cathartic screaming and guitar fuzz. It’s hard to Google a band named after one of the most famous rock lyrics of the last quarter century, so I’m not sure if this is two EPs slapped on wax or an LP with different song suites or what. No matter what this record technically is, it’s a powerful and engaging listen, even to someone like me who doesn’t usually go for this type of stuff. –Chris Terry (Feast Of Tentacles / IFB)