WORKING OVERTIME, $5 (all to be donated to the Giniw Collective), 8 ½” x 11”, 28 pgs.

May 25, 2021

Okay, I’m no sports fanatic. I don’t think I’ve even ever watched a soccer game. That said, Working Overtime, a zine combining an interest in hardcore punk rock and soccer—or “footy,” if you’re a discerning enjoyer of the sport, it seems—didn’t lose me for a second. Though wistful for the world where no one has to work a bullshit job and heroes can be heroes, Working Overtime doesn’t bullshit us into mindless escapism, either. The writing is insightful, reflecting on the pandemic, hero worship, and yeah, the bread and circuses of punk rock and soccer with a certain amount of both honesty and irony. Being, after all, circuses, the author takes a healthily skeptical perspective on the true ameliorative powers of either distraction. The interviews are tight, too, the reviews funny and punishing in equal measure, and oh yeah, did I mention the layout is impeccable? Good shit right here. And P.S., all the money goes to support the Giniw Collective, a group working tirelessly to fight the construction of Line 3. –jimmy cooper (,

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