WORD:SOUND: Word:Sound_2: CD and chapbook

It’s in no way clear whether this should nestle itself among the record reviews or the book reviews or the zine reviews, as we have here a chapbook of poetry with an included CD on which the poems are set to music, all coming together as the latest offering from Suburban Utopia Projects. (I will wait with bated breath to see in which medium the good editors decide to deposit this.) Regardless, this is the second issue of Anon_73’s Word:Sound, which he describes as influenced by Zisk and Lungfish. The seven poems are somewhat standard fare about the muted significance of everyday ennui and relatives’ past lives, and when read as a chapbook I felt that they were okay, but they would benefit from greater compression of imagery to amplify their impact. The music and recitation of the poems were not my bag, though. The music is synth-mash that reminds me of a crummy Portishead, and it’s combined with overwrought and nearly robotic readings of the poems. The poems work on their own, but their audio version does not. –The Lord Kveldulfr (The Uncivil Society, theuncivilsociety.com)