WORD:SOUND: Word: Sound_2: CD and chapbook

Another aural dispatch from the indefatigable Suburban Utopia Projects, whose Uncivil Society and Word:Sound projects have been pleasantly constant for the last while. In Word: Sound_2, purveyor A_Non continues the thematic thread of loosely basing each project on a theme. To these ears, this installment sounds a little more textured, like Neu! and Faust. The music is a nice counterpoint to the theme of baseball, which takes new tones and timbres due to listeners’ histories and family associations—I think back to previous summers, and the undercurrents present in road trips and conversations due to pennant races and trade deadlines and the like. That the issue was in some part inspired by our own Todd Taylor’s writing on the history of Dodger Stadium in Zisk #30 is especially cool. –Michael T. Fournier (The Uncivil Society, theuncivilsociety.com)