WOODSMAN, THE: Castle of Unrest: CD

This is a five-song EP from this Welsh three-piece. It’s guitar, vocals, and drums and they’re heavy with a mix of metal, industrial-metal, hardcore, and grunge. It can be catchy (“Buzz”) or find a heavy groove (“Castle of Unrest”). Still, there’s this element of immaturity in the sound. It reminds me of when I was in high school and some of the metal kids said they were going to create a “hardcore” band. Then they played our local shitty townie bars and all the rednecks thought they were pretty heavy and great and I was like, “Eh.” I don’t know how it works in Wales, though. Is that even an experience that’s transferable? Whatever the case, I liked this well enough but there was this producer in me that heard things the band might do to make the music more interesting: variations on riffs, or changes in vocal tone. Maybe next time. –Kurt Morris (Smash Mouse, smashmouse.bandcamp.com)