Nov 26, 2018

Madison Wis.’s Wood Chickens return with a few instrumental jams, some live cuts, and some acoustic tracks of their insanely fun take on cowpunk. This is more of an odds and ends collection than a proper release so while I, previously having been exposed to their excellent Countrycide LP, can appreciate the weirdness of an intentionally slow downed version of their song “Guys in Big Trucks,” (sounds like a 45 played at 33) I can’t imagine anyone instantly becoming a fan with this cassette as a starting point. I suggest tracking down the Countrycide album to listen to a southern fried version of a Minutemen/Hüsker Dü/Meat Puppets hootenanny and then giving Bits a shot. –Juan Espinosa (Push And Pull, pushandpull1.bandcamp.com, woodchickens.bandcamp.com)