WONK UNIT: Uncle Daddy: LP

Jan 21, 2022

The Wonkers return to grace us with twenty tracks featuring oddball lyrics, songs where hearts are clearly on sleeves, and quite a variety in musical approaches in comparison to previous releases. For the uninitiated, Wonk Unit specialize in short, humorous, melodic punk but Uncle Daddy finds the band pushing boundaries a bit. “Bloodstains” and “I’m Okay” have more of a C86 indie feel, whilst there’s a reggae vibe which drives “Gospel of Love” along. There are still more straightforward, up tempo tracks like “Profiteroles” that have featured in the band’s past to enjoy too. I’d like to spend an hour in the head of lead Wonker, Alex Brindle Johnson, to get a glimpse into what on earth goes on in there. It would be a thrilling ride but potentially scary too. –Rich Cocksedge (Rad Girlfriend, radgirlfriendsrecords.com / Plasterer, wonkunit.com)

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