WONK UNIT: Mr. Splashy: CD/LP

Nov 16, 2016

These Wonkers have an innate ability to tie a catchy tune to lyrics which can be humorous, daft, reflective, or damning, and sometimes a combination of any number of those. Along with that lyrical diversity, Wonk Unit is adept at offering up a variety of musical paths, be it up-tempo bangers, plaintive acoustic numbers, or anywhere in between, proof of which is to be found on Mr. Splashy, its sixth album. Despite the wackiness that is at the core of the band’s existence, it’s not one to shy away from more important issues, with the track “Bin Him” being a prime example of this. It succinctly advises anyone stuck in a misogynistic relationship to dump the person abusing them. As a contrast to that more serious approach is “Awful Jeans,” a song about wearing awful jeans and bringing shame upon one’s family! It’s Wonk Unit’s variety which I find so enjoyable, along with the fact its songs are so easy to sing along to. –Rich Cocksedge (TNS, [email protected], tnsrecords.co.uk / Plasterer, [email protected], wonkunit.com / Cadiz, [email protected], cadizmusic.com)