WONDER OF IT ALL, THE, #9, $3, 5” x 8”, color screen print on newsprint, 16 pgs.

Sep 22, 2022

Fellow Razorcake contributor Angus is back with the latest issue of The Wonder of It All. Like prior issues, I love the layout and screen-printing on newsprint. It’s very unique in a cool way. My favorite piece in this issue was how many of the ’80s metal songs had some down-on-his-luck characters named Tommy or Ricky or Johnny who were underdogs just trying to make it. That made me laugh out loud. The rest of the content is more brief and slice-of-life. I’d love to see another issue comprised of more of Angus’s insights and humor and more random musings. He’s got a real knack for the former. –Kurt Morris (21 A Buckingham Rd., London, E15 1SW, United Kingdom)

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