WONDER OF IT ALL, THE #12, $3, 5½” x 8½”, copied, 16 pgs.

Sep 22, 2023

A glimpse into the life (and opinions) of a cyclist in London, with an emphasis on the world of bike couriers. It’s well-written and paints a clear picture of London bike culture and how it has changed over the last decade or so, particularly in terms of bike lanes, gear, app-delivery bike couriers, and public perceptions. It’s strong enough so that a non-bike rider like myself can get a solid understanding, but perhaps a little alienating because of the author’s sometimes disdainful attitude toward non-bike riders or casual bike riders. That sort of balances out though with humility regarding bike culture stuff like fixed gear bikes. Bike couriers past and present and people for whom city biking is a big part of their lives are likely to get a lot of enjoyment out of this. –Emma Alice Johnson (21A Buckingham Rd. London, United Kingdom, E15 1SW)

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