WONDER OF IT ALL #3, THE: EMPTY EYES, $3 or trade, 5¼” x 8¾”, multimedia & color print on newsprint, 16 pgs.

I’ll say it straight: this zine is fucking tight. Between compelling, concise, stream-of-consciousness text and the surreal, collaged aesthetic, this zine was quite compelling to me. There’s no unifying purpose, per se, to the short writings in this zine, but they flow very well into one another from work ethic to a (pre-COVID) show review, interpolated by strange Technicolor images and occasionally printed over. The writing is stripped-down, straightforward, and short, meaning every sentence has its purpose and (now this is the really rare thing for this style) fulfills it. If bleak, it is not without purpose; The Wonder of It All indeed approaches everything with wonder, a pure curiosity about the world at large, even a riot forklift truck made to crush humans and capitalist indoctrination. Check it out. –jimmy cooper (Angus, 21A Buckingham Rd., London E15 15W, UK)