WOMEN IN SOUND #7, $5 ppd., 5½” x 8½”, copied, 48 pgs.

Sep 29, 2020

This zine is “dedicated to women and non-binary people in all areas of live and recorded sound.” I found some back issues right as the pandemic started and was impressed with the interviews and articles therein. In this new issue, like everyone else, editor Madeline and her crew struggle with COVID-19—making it especially inspiring that one of the best pieces to be found here discusses positivity in the music industry. In a great piece, musician/writer Rene Kladzyk says being negative on social media “discounts details, context and nuance” and “robs us of our self-determination, one post at a time.” In addition, articles about inclusivity, mixer basics, and interviews with, among others, Bandcamp Daily editor/excellent human being Jes Skolnik. Rocketing to the top of my must-read list. –Michael T. Fournier (womeninsound.com)

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