WOLFRAMANDHARTIGER: Fishman’s Holiday/Incredibly Strange Tales: CS

Sep 16, 2021

The first track is a monologue about Clark Kent and how he’s clearly a tornado. Track 2 is a riff on “Deck the Halls,” but it’s kind of like chaotic noise sampling. Track 3 is about a chicken with a laser beak. I guess this is comedy punk. I’ve been told by the inner voice in my head that I’m not funny, so I’m probably not one to judge here. The second EP’s theme is clearer: Superheroes. By this point I wanted to turn this off. They sound like they’re having fun though. The music isn’t good enough to vibe with it, over the incredibly distracting improvised monologues. –Gwen Static (wolframandhartiger.bandcamp.com)

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