WLOTS: Sempre Più: LP/CS

Sep 26, 2019

Let’s address the pronunciation of this Swedish band’s name first. I’m reliably informed that it’s “vuh-lots.” Now that’s out of the way, this is the debut album from an outfit that reminds me a lot of the early sounds of both Thursday and Thrice. It’s a bit scream and a touch post-hardcore, hitting the quiet and loud ends of the musical spectrum, offering an extremely atmospheric collection of songs. I do prefer the more energetic tracks, with “Bitter Lemon” standing out from the crowd and being the song I find most appealing. However, there is something about the dreamlike “My Morii” which soothes me to my core over its five minutes, so I guess I do swing both ways with this quiet/loud malarkey. Time will tell if this is a stayer, but for now I’m enjoying what I hear. –Rich Cocksedge (Deep Elm, [email protected], deepelm.com / Disillusioned, [email protected], disillusionedrecords.bandcamp)