Jul 20, 2021

I think that Pennsylvania’s Witness Marker has managed to climb inside my head and write a batch of songs that speak directly to the mid-twenties version of me. These songs are hitting so hard for me. Soaring, melodic, mostly mid-tempo ’90s feeling, but not in a dated kind of way. I am hearing so many elements that I absolutely love. A little Seaweed and Pegboy, a little Big Drill Car and Cadillac Tramps… For you Canadians, a little Furnaceface and a little Onionhouse. They don’t sound like any of these bands in particular, but hit those same feelings for me, which kind of rules! Big guitars and relentless rhythm section. I hope these guys don’t take this as “some old dude saying we sound like old dude music” because that isn’t the case. This sounds fresh and the record stands up with anything else I have heard recently. It is in heavy rotation over here and I can’t wait to hear more. –Ty Stranglehold (Not Like You, notlikeyourecords.com / Division Street Sounds, divisionstreetsounds.limitedrun.com)

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