WITCHTRIAL: Self-titled: 12” EP

Aug 01, 2019

It’s 2019 and it is fairly common for punks to grow their hair out and slap on a jean vest to go with their flying V guitar and be totally down with metal, but there was a time when you pretty much had to choose whether you were a fuckin’ metal head or a hardcore asshole. Heshers thought punk was too weak and punks thought metal was clown shoes. Of course things are different now and no one looks twice at the person wearing a Bathory shirt to Damaged City fest. The eventual cross-pollinating of scenes has blessed us with bands like Witchtrial from DC who boast members of already well-established hardcore punk acts such as Ajax and Firewalker to name only a few. Witchtrial have taken the evilest riffs from early thrash heavyweights Possessed, Venom, and of course Slayer (think Hell Awaits, not Reign in Blood) and rung them through the meat grinder of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal style flair where the drums explode, the guitars howl, and the vocals hold you in place. Six songs of genuine blackened thrash that you’ll swear are already classics. Speaking of which, I once played a song from the Witchtrial demo 12” at a Razorcake DJ night which prompted my good pal Designated Dale Drazan to exclaim to me “Who the fuck is this?!” from behind the DJ booth. “Oh, right! Witchtrial!” he walked away saying. You know your band fucking rips when Dale is a fan after only hearing one song. –Juan Espinosa (Beach Impediment)