Aug 01, 2019

This record is gonna hit somewhere in my top ten of the year. It falls firmly in the post-punk category but there’s an awful lot of imagination here. The duality of male and female vocals with London accents add a lilt to the powerful melodies they spit. Drummer Emma Wigham covers most of the ground vocally, with guitarist Mark Jasper taking lead on a few tracks. Though when they come together in choruses, it’s hauntingly wonderful. Most all of the songs lyrically connect to the title Persistence in their own specific ways. Personal finances, romantic relationships, mental health, underachievement, and keeping problems from getting the best of you are all facets of this diamond. And the music is so strangely beautiful. The guitar is so noisy, jangly, and seemingly out of control. It adds incredible depth to the pounding drums and low end of the bass. I’d say they’re something akin to like Arctic Flowers, but ultimately they’re arty and odd in the best ways. I keep changing my favorite song on every listen. That’s the sign of a solid release. –Kayla Greet (Specialist Subject)