WISH GRANTERS: Self-titled: 12”EP

Feb 05, 2020

This record is a fuckin’ bonfire! Full moon, on the beach, and no one has to go to work tomorrow! Pure energy from start to finish as you get to hear the four active ingredients that make up Wish Granters just lay into it like they’re playing to keep the boat afloat. There’s a frenzied swagger and use of sax and harmonica plants them in my head among the ranks of The Blasters, Los Lobos, or The Gun Club. Pretty fuckin’ classic—yet fringey—L.A. sound. If you’re still on the fence on whether or not you need to pick up this record, just look up who the players are; that should seal the deal. Hopefully there’s much more Wish Granters in the mix. –Daryl (Recess / Water Under The Bridge)