Nov 20, 2023

This shit rules! The Wirms are a Memphis, Tenn.-by-way-of-Fayetteville, Ark. trio that take up the garage punk mantel of the Oblivians and Motards and put their own spin on it. Skzzr Wirm shreds his vocal chords and fretboard throughout the record while Chzzr Wirm (bass) and Tzzr Wirm (drums) keep a tight rhythm section. “Favorite Friend” is one of the standout tracks. It starts with uplift, Skzzr growling “you might be my favorite friend” over an ascending riff, transitioning into a pre-chorus of “oh my my/oh hell yeah,” then shifting into a Boone/Watt-esque boogie-woogie jazz breakdown for the chorus. I can’t get it out of my head. So damn good. The theme of friendship comes up again a few songs later on “Me & My Friends,” one-minute and eleven seconds of warning an uppity smack talker “you don’t know shit about me and my friends.” “Sunscreen” is a bouncy stomper that’ll light your dancin’ shoes on fire. Fourteen short blasts of garage punk in under twenty-five minutes. Grab a copy of this LP quick before they’re gone. –Josh Benke (What’s For Breakfast?, [email protected], wfbrecords.com)

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