WIRE LINES: Terminal: CD

So the first six songs comprise the actual songs that are attached to the title, while the remaining songs are from an earlier demo, but both sessions took place in the same year. So if you weren’t paying close attention you would probably think this is all one piece. Either way, the quality remains stellar from end to end. Ignition and Circus Lupus pop into my cranium upon first listen. Melodies that had me hearing Guy from Fugazi and even Morrissey. But Morrissey singing with Swiz, which would be amazing! “Born to Fight” and “Leaves” are my favorites from each “side.” I want to see these gentlemen play again since the intensity was up front the first time without a doubt. This is like pizza with stuffed crust—the goodness keeps coming the more you come back for seconds. –Sean Koepenick (Self-released, wirelines1.bandcamp.com)