Mar 20, 2018

It’s melodic, softcore pop punk, which I’d classify as “pleasant adult punk easy listening.” The vocal lead is nasally, they harmonize, and there’s that constant, steady tempo that lulls the record to a steady stream of sameness. They have cool punk rock names like Marien Nicotine and Simon Speechless. I wonder how Ivo Backbreaker earned his name. I bet that’s a cool story. The name of the album stands for “Make Your Own Kind of Music.” It’s not my jam, with the single-focused lyrics about girls and sad relationships. This bothers me in its unoriginality, but I said to myself, “I’ll give it a pass if English is not their native language.” Hey! Turns out they’re from the Netherlands and consist of members of the Apers and the Accelerators. Perhaps fans of those bands will appreciate this. –Sal Go (Shield)