WILDHEARTS, THE: Renaissance Man: LP/CD

Aug 01, 2019

Bloody hell, the opening track, “Dislocated,” is the kind of barnstorming blast of music many bands would be proud to call their own. It’s a song on which all guns blaze from start to finish, a duration of almost six minutes. It really is a marvelous way to begin The Wildhearts’ first album in ten years. Unfortunately, it sets the bar so high that nothing that follows comes remotely close to equaling it for that sonic punch and enjoyment. Yes, there are some strong tracks with guitars chugging and melodies aplenty but it’s like I’ve been concussed and not able to take anything else in after the initial detonation. I won’t profess to be a big fan of the band, but it does what it does well—straddling rock, metal, and punk and offers plenty of drive and punch. Personally, I believe there is a good EP to be found on this album. –Rich Cocksedge (Graphite, [email protected], graphiterecords.net)